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Learn more about the Gentry Bourbon aging process and history of our bourbon below.


Gentry requires the utmost care and respect when it comes to creating our unparalleled bourbon. After being distilled in Kentucky and Indiana to the national specifications for American Bourbon, we barrel it and bring it to Charleston, where it is ricked, aged, staved, and bottled. This process allows the bourbon to pick up a certain smoothness that can only be accomplished over an enormous amount of time.

Our process allows the bourbon to age and soften without years in a barrel. It is a patented process that takes place right here in Charleston and creates the finest bourbon in the world. We then place our bourbon into a large container that resembles a barrel, yet creates rapid temperature changes aging the bourbon quickly. The process all takes place right here in historical Charleston, South Carolina – where Gentry is bottled and exceeds quality standards.

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The history of Bourbon dates back to the beginning of the territories here in the United States. In recent years, there have been a lot of rumors that many took for truths. For example, for a whiskey to be a bourbon the mash must be 51% corn. In the mash, you can use other grains to strengthen it, and create your own meticulous flavor. Gentry’s flavor profile involves corn, wheat, rye and other quality ingredients to create our bourbon. After it is distilled in the USA, in order for it to remain a bourbon, it must be aged in American Oak barrels. Unlike whiskies, bourbon may not have ingredients added anytime after distilling. It may only have contact with the wood to give it its character and smoothness. As to the barrels, they must be Charred American Oak, not French Oak barrels.

Historically, bourbons have gained their complex flavors by how much charring takes place inside the barrel and how long the bourbon stays in there. While a common misconception is based around time, as long as the bourbon is aged in a ricked American Charred Barrel – time is irrelevant. The original proprietors of bourbon found that by leaving it in the barrel for a certain amount of time allows the bourbon to be smoother. If one leaves bourbon in a barrel too long or too little – the taste can go downhill.

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